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Baha'i Community Contacts

Bookstore Hours:
  • 11am-6pm Tue-Fri
  • 11am-3pm Sun
  • Closed Sat & Mon
323.933.8291 x109
  • correspondence intended for the Spiritual Assembly
  • administrative assistance with Baha'i marriages
  • Baha'i burial information
323.933.8291 x104
Membership Information Services
  • Baha'is moving into or out of Los Angeles
  • changing mailing address and/or contact information
  • email list management
  • Baha'i births and deaths
323.933.8291 x102
Center Scheduling and Operations
  • Los Angeles Baha'i Center
  • Encino Baha'i Community Center
  • Unity Center
323.933.8291 x102
Treasurer's Office
  • Baha'i Fund
Please note:
  • Only Baha'is may contribute to the Baha'i Fund.
  • Donations from groups and individuals who are not Baha'i are neither solicited nor accepted.
323.933.8291 x107
Office of Public Information
  • Coordinates media requests.
Community Life
  • Increases the vitality of the spiritual and social life of the community.
  • Welcomes new Baha'is.
  • Organizes neighborhood-wide and area-wide Nineteen Day Feasts.
  • Organizes neighborhood-wide Holy Day events for the Ascension of Baha'u'llah, the Ascension of `Abdu'l-Baha, and the 9th Day of Ridvan.
  • Organizes area-wide social activities.
  • Tends to the needs of the sick and ailing.
  • Facilitates and oversees gatherings for reflection on, and review of, efforts to transform the spiritual life of Los Angeles neighborhoods.
  • Coordinates all devotional gatherings in Los Angeles.

Ariana Vajdi

Salina Safari

Alaina Talebreza

Camille Schulz

Natasha Heath

Shirin Nowrozmazandarani

Children's Classes
  • Coordinates all children's classes in Los Angeles.

Shirin Azadeh

Carmel (Saba) Rashidi

Junior Youth Groups
  • Coordinates all junior youth groups in Los Angeles.

Mac Heravian

Study Circles
  • Coordinates all Baha'i study circles in Los Angeles.

Naeema Eckfeld

Rhiannon Sheppard

Inter-Religious Council Randy
Please contact the Los Angeles Baha'i Center if you wish to contact any of the Representatives listed below.
United Nations Association Barbara
USC Religious Directors Association Tim
Women's Interfaith Committee Allison
Valley Interfaith Council Key

Community Map

The Baha'i Community of Los Angeles owns and operates two Centers - the Los Angeles Baha'i Center and the Encino Baha'i Community Center - as indicated by the pins on the map below.

Additionally, the community is geographically subdivided into five areas - "Ala", "Nur", "Kamal", "Jalal", and "Jamal" - as indicated by the shaded areas on the map below.

For your convenience, the Santa Monica Baha'i Center, which is owned and operated by the Baha'i Community of Santa Monica, is also included on the map below, as are the email contacts we have on hand for the Baha'i Communities that lie just outside our city limits.

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